Profit First Guided Implementation Program


Profit is not about logic. Profit is about behaviour.

The 'Profit First' Guided Implementation Program is for everyone who has either read the book, or is aware of the background principles, but hasn't yet taken action in implementing Profit First into their business.

But one thing is for sure - you know you want a simple system to help you increase your profitability

  • Maybe you're captivated by the concept, hooked by the apparent simplicity of it all, and yet fearful of making a wrong turn somewhere along the way
  • Maybe you know deep down that you need to pay greater attention to your money
  • Maybe you feel like you'd like this isn't something you want to try and DIY implement because you realise that you want to be guided through the implementation in a structured way that allows you to keep moving forwards with the rest of your business focusing on serving your clients, because that is where your real power lies

It doesn't matter what your reason is - know that we can get you to where you need to be with a fully handheld process, taking you through the necessary steps in the right order, with the right information being used - all to set you up for success.

By the time we finish the guided implementation program, you'll have implemented all of the necessary groundwork for Profit First in your business, ready to start making (more) profit immediately.

I typically run the program once per quarter, so the next round will start in September 2019, ready to get your year set for profit.

You in? Yes or yes?

I know you're being asked to make a commitment now ahead of September, but you'll also be receiving access to a live training I'll be doing around the simplest mindset shift you need to understand to double your profit soon. Another simple system to boost your bottom line. You'll also be getting early access to the dedicated Facebook Group from 1st June too, so you've got time to start asking those all important Profit Questions that I know you've got ;) 

Not ready? Got Q's? DM me @JasonAWithers (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) 

If you haven't read the book yet, or come across this simple profit transforming system, you can check out the following links:

To download the first 2 chapters of Profit First, by Mike Michalowicz, go here:

If you want to just jump in and buy the book (yes they are attached to my affiliate links for US & UK Amazon stores), you can do that here:




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