Zero's all FREE in this section #thanksverymuch 

This section is all about helping you to get started on your intentional and conscious profit journey, with some free resources that you can tap into.

To get you started, in this section you'll find:

> A growing library of 'Profit First' Resources:

- Access to the first 2 chapters of 'Profit First' - the best selling book by Mike Michalowicz

- A Guide to help you work out if you are Paying Yourself Enough, and Earning Enough Profit in YOUR business

- For those of you have already implemented Profit First into your business, there is a handy 'What to do when' Allocation Guide

> The #profitlevers guide to doubling your profit with the simplest system you will EVER come across

> Some easy to use templates to help you track revenue, expenses and overheads, and a marketing budget planner covering both online and offline activities

> Replays of my radio show and podcast 'The Profitlevers' covering a range of Profit topics, ably assisted by some very special guests dispensing their very own 'profit magic' 



Profit is a conscious decision. Profit requires intentional behaviour. Start your profit journey right here.

Profit First - A Selection Of Resources

6 Lessons

It's time to reframe your view of Profit, and why you don't have enough of it in your business. It's time to learn how to start paying yourself first...

Download the First 2 Chapters of Profit First right here, find out if you are paying yourself enough (and earning enough profit), and there's a handy allocation Guide of 'What to do when' if you've already implemented Profit First into your business.

The ProfitLevers Guide to Doubling Your Profit

1 Lessons

The #Profitlevers Guide to Doubling Your Profit breaks down in the simplest way you will ever see how to increase your profitability using the only 3 things that will ever influence your profitability...sales, margin and overhead.

Understand this simple theory and your view of how easy it is to increase profit will never be the same again.

PS - Stop doing #allthethings don't have to...this Guide explains exactly why ;)


5 Lessons

Build your bottom line with intention for free right here with these templates {Excel and Google Sheets versions available inside}

Radio & Podcast

16 Lessons

Catch up on previous episodes of 'The Profitlevers' Radio Show and Podcast.

Profit talk, and profit magic tips from a wide range of entrepreneur led Special Guests telling us all about their zone of genius and how we can leverage those skill sets to improve profitability in our businesses...awesome...

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