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Zero Dinero...it's all FREE in this section #thanksverymuch 

This section is all about helping you to get started on your intentional and conscious profit journey, with some free resources that you can tap into.

To get you started, in this section you'll find:

> A growing library of 'Profit First' Resources:

- Access to the first 2 chapters of 'Profit First' - the best selling book by Mike Michalowicz

- A Guide to help you work out if you are Paying Yourself Enough, and Earning Enough Profit in YOUR business

- For those of you have already implemented Profit First into your business, there is a handy 'What to do when' Allocation Guide

> The #profitlevers guide to doubling your profit with the simplest system you will EVER come across

> Some easy to use templates to help you track revenue, expenses and overheads, and a marketing budget planner covering both online and offline activities

> Replays of my radio show and podcast 'The Profitlevers' covering a range of Profit topics, ably assisted by some very special guests dispensing their very own 'profit magic' 



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Profit First Guided Implementation Program

Profit is not about logic. Profit is about behaviour.

The 'Profit First' Guided Implementation Program is for everyone who has either read the book, or is aware of the background principles, but hasn't yet taken action in implementing Profit First into their business.

But one thing is for sure - you know you want a simple system to help you increase your profitability

  • Maybe you're captivated by the concept, hooked by the apparent simplicity of it all, and yet fearful of making a wrong turn somewhere along the way
  • Maybe you know deep down that you need to pay greater attention to your money
  • Maybe you feel like you'd like this isn't something you want to try and DIY implement because you realise that you want to be guided through the implementation in a structured way that allows you to keep moving forwards with the rest of your business focusing on serving your clients, because that is where your real power lies

It doesn't matter what your reason is - know that we can get you to where you need to be with a fully handheld process, taking you through the necessary steps in the right order, with the right information being used - all to set you up for success.

By the time we finish the guided implementation program, you'll have implemented all of the necessary groundwork for Profit First in your business, ready to start making (more) profit immediately.

I typically run the program once per quarter, so the next round will start in January 2019, ready to get your year set for profit.

You in? Yes or yes?

Hop onto the Waitlist here to be notified first when we're ready to welcome the next round of inductees to the simplest way to make more profit in your business...

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The Profit Plan

"Every Business Owner has a goal, but not every business owner has a plan."

{Don't have a goal either? We definitely need to talk then!}

If we don't know where we're heading for, it's kinda difficult to get there...and if we don't know how we're going to get there either then...double trouble!

Forget 'Black Friday'. Start thinking 'Sparkly 2019'. 

We'll be working together 1:1 to find out exactly where your profitability is at right now (your current position). I'm guessing that we're also going to find out that you're not paying yourself enough as well. Boo to that!

We're going to take that current position and we're going to create a plan for you that will help you to achieve some financial goals for your business that put your business finances on a par with the best in the industry based on your 'Real Revenue' range. We'll map it out on a quarter by quarter basis over the next 4 to 8 quarters (dependent upon your current profitability and how much work we have to do to get you to where you want to be)

What does that look like?

  • An increasing amount of profit being built into your business with every sale you make and every client payment you receive
  • An increasing amount of money available for you to pay yourself more
  • Money set aside for taxes
  • A rationalisation of costs to fit the business model we're moving towards, to make sure that the odds are in your favour

We'll be matching a plan to your goal. It's covered...and it is a simple process to understand and take action with.



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Profit Leap Intensive Program

Fact - There are only 3 things that will ever influence your profitability - sales, margin & overhead.

In this intensive half day workshop with 3 months of follow-on support, we break down the 3 elements and show you just how easy it can be to 2x, 4x, 8x etc etc your profit with some super-simple technique.

We'll create a bespoke solution for you and your business (online or brick and mortar) including the 3 strategic profit pillars every business must have, along with the tactical actions you'll need to move the profit needle in the most efficient way.

This is ideal for you if you're looking for that 'lightbulb' moment when your P&L suddenly makes sense and you have absolute clarity on how to increase your profitability with the simplest, most effective framework you will EVER see {no accountant speak nonsense here!) and you can't wait to go away and implement what you've just learned!

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VIP - The Very Important Profit Plan

The VIP Profit Plan is the VIP Profit experience...

You're serious about growing the profitability of your business, and you want to make sure you know how to create profit in the most efficient way {more cash, less work, right?} You're amazing at what you do and you transform the lives of your clients.

Now you want absolute clarity around your business profitability and how to handle your cash on a simple, structured, safe basis. You know that as you grow, you don't want to have to worry about such things, and you don't want to feel overwhelmed by the size of the numbers you're dealing with. You just want a simple system, you want to be held accountable, and you want a safe pair of hands to help you be fearless about growing your business.

Bringing together the very best of all of my #profitknowledge, combining my proprietary #profitlevers system with Profit First knowhow to create a clear financial foundation for your growing business and ambitions.

25+ years of focused work to build profit into owner managed and entrepreneurial businesses brought together here for you to ensure that you can build the profit to make the impact. Combining CFO / business growth coach and consulting skills we'll be working hand in hand to keep you accountable to hitting the profit goals that you want to reach - monthly, quarterly and annually.

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Additional Resources - Books & Software

Additional reference sources:

> Books you might want to read {because they can help you make more profit}, and

> Software you might want to use {because it might help you become more productive, more efficient...and help you make more profit}

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5 Simple Money Moves Webinar

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